Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Donald ducks another match on the bench!

I thought today's post would be a little nod to John McBeth's blog on the tvnz website. I personally cannot wait to see how the five-eighths positions work out this Saturday against the 'boks in the 'tron. Despite the fact that both Carter and Donald play the same position, and Carter is the preferred 1st V, I think this match will see a few eyes opened.

Kicking is (obviously) such an integral part of the 1st V position. But look at other aspects of it, and Stephen Brett's game for Canterbury against the Steamers on the 5th September is a good example. Despite the Crusaders losing, and Brett's kicking game not being fantastic, he was the central figure in many of the plays throughout the game. It helps if you are a sound passer in both directions, just like centre, but in the case of the 1st V, have that extra agility to move away from the thick of it as well.

What I think the public need to see is how Donald plays without the pressure of point scoring as a tactical player alongside Carter: Nonu isn't going to be as calculating as Conrad Smith in the centre position, he does play more on instinct and his presence is his strength. I'm excited about this combination. It made me flustered when I initially read that Muliaina was suggested to move to centre...no no no no no no no. After Slade's disappointing match on Saturday, he should not be a starter for full back.

But this is all just one lass' opinion...

Until next time. Good luck to the ABs this weekend!


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